Why choose us

Because our vision is to improve the reach and quality of environmental and biodiversity management in the arid areas of Southern Africa. We want our input in projects to be revealing with foresight; our opinion in industry used as an indicator of environmental health; our company to be locally unique, adapted and prevalent.


Arid zones of Southern Africa

EndemicVision is passionate about the pre- and post impacted arid areas and environmental management arrangements in South Africa and it wants to make a difference in the way this is managed.


Extensive support

We are a small dedicated team with an extensive support network that take pleasure in evaluating and adding value to projects to enhance the biodiversity and environmental management of these projects.

Managing and evaluative expertise

We are good at evaluating environmental situations for corporate risk management, legal compliance and biodiversity condition. We are capable to manage environmental aspects of a project from pre-feasibility screening to rehabilitation and closure appraisal. We are known to incorporate best practice and industry benchmarking to our products to give our clients leverage above their competitors.

Enduring results

We apply our practiced project management skills; operational understanding of environmental management systems and well presented rationalised reports and training packages to produce enduring results for our clients.



      • Add value
      • Improve continually
      • Excel in service
      • Produce quality
      • Invent solutions


With qualifications in engineering, ecology and environmental management, we present strong supporting skills and experience in project management, quality control, biophysical closure planning and management, risk management, auditing and natural resource management. We understand the required regulatory tools for developments and the pro-active conservation tools to enhance projects.